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At Abuzeid Law, we work swiftly and efficiently to resolve your legal issues. Whether you are looking for an attorney to handle matters concerning your family, personal estate (wills and trusts), real estate interests, or business, our team is here to serve you. Unlike lawyers who complicate and mystify the process for no apparent reason, we work to simplify the process so that your matters can be resolved in as straightforward a path as possible. Our entire focus is resolving your case quickly with a positive outcome for you.
At Abuzeid Law, we cater to people of various cultures and languages. In addition to English, we also speak Arabic and Spanish. It is our belief and commitment that a language or cultural barrier should never prevent anyone from seeking and receiving the quality legal representation that we provide!

Lara T. Abuzeid, Esq.,
Attorney At Law

Email: info@abuzeidlaw.com
Phone: 951-530-4813
Fax: 951-530-4816

Ms. Abuzeid founded Abuzeid Law in June 2013 with the objective of building a practice around small business owners; to educate and assist her clients through the process of forming and maintaining a successful business.

Ms. Abuzeid’s experience includes work in the fields of law, tax and accounting, government and non-profit organizations. After graduating from law school, Ms. Abuzeid worked as a law clerk and office manager for a local general practice firm.

Ms. Abuzeid earned her juris doctorate from Chapman University School of Law in 2011 where she focused primarily on tax law and estate planning including classes in business law, corporations, and asset management and protection. Ms. Abuzeid served as President for the student chapter of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy as well as on the Career Services Advisory Board. Ms. Abuzeid worked as a research assistant to the Dean of the law school, as a Tax Appeals Advocate for the California Board of Equalization, and clerked for the Orange County Public Defender’s office in the area of juvenile dependency.

Ms. Abuzeid graduated summa cum laude from Westminster College with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies and a minor in Economics.


Areas of Practice

Business Formations & Operations

At Abuzeid Law, we believe that the next step you should take after coming up with a business idea is to decide whether you want to operate as a corporation or a limited liability company. If you operate your business as either a sole proprietor or as a partnership, you not only are exposing your personal assets to a risk of being seized to satisfy a judgment related to your business operations, you may also be missing out on tax breaks and incentives that are available to corporate entities. You do not have to be Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or any other billionaire you can think of before you can incorporate.

Estate Planning & Living Operations

At Abuzeid Law, we believe that your peace of mind about how your loved ones will continue on after you are no longer here to help them starts today. Whether you are a thousandaire or a billionaire, we can help you plan your estate so that the right people (not the government) get your things with the least amount of hassle and friction after you have started your next journey.

Family Law

At Abuzeid Law, we understand that reaching a decision to end your marriage is one of the hardest decisions our clients have ever had to make in their lives. Consequently, while we will always be sensitive to the emotional impact your decision will have on you, we will never take advantage of your vulnerability to unnecessarily escalate the fight that is common in divorce matters.

Surrogacy Law

At Abuzeid Law, we believe that the heart of Gandhi’s statement is reflected in the decision to bring a new child into the world. Although both intended parents and gestational mothers have a legal relationship that must be formally memorialized, it is our goal to work do our part to work in harmony with everyone involved in the creation of the journey that is the single-most joyous event in human existence.

Civil Litigation & Trial Advocacy

At Abuzeid Law, we believe that the art of civil litigation and trial advocacy practice is to know when to fight and when not to fight.

Immigration & Naturalization

At Abuzeid Law, we recognize that except for Native Americans, the history of every family in the United States started with immigration. The freedom, opportunity, and hope that is the United States is available to you.


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