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The Law Offices of Charles P. Boylston was started in 2005 by Charles P. Boylston, who has now been practicing employment law for more than 16 years. Charles has primarily practiced employment defense work for the better part of his career. When he started our firm, it was his intention to continue providing quality, efficient, and aggressive representation to California employers while eliminating some of the gamesmanship and posturing that often times increased costs and caused more emotional harm than was necessary for everyone concerned. To better understand the practice, Charles opened his doors to employees as well as employers. By working on both types of cases, our practice has developed a perspective that serves our clients well, whether they are employers or employees.

Our firm also, very early on, offered representation in family law matters. Although the combination of employment law and family law seemed odd at first, the psychology of loss and the pain of relationships coming to a close was a common thread. Today, our firm recognizes the human element in both employment law and probate cases, and as such, our practice is directed at preserving dignity and providing solutions that permit healing, not endless fighting or bitterness. Only through an appreciation of the human side of the dispute can a firm find answers and a way forward.

Our office has grown quite a bit since it first started. We have added associate counsel, paralegals, assistants, and offices in Redlands and Temecula. Additionally, we are proud to say that one of our own, in-house law school graduates has recently joined our team as an associate.

Most of the time, our interaction with our clients does not end with the case closing. We are about relationships, after all, including our relationships with our clients. Please come and see us, learn about our practice, and take advantage of our resources. We want to be a valuable tool for your business, a trustworthy advocate for your concerns, and a practical counselor at your disposal.


Legal Team

Charles Boylston,
Attorney At Law

Like so many college students, I pursued my interests at school only to later realize I had earned two degrees that were unlikely to land me a good job after graduation. Fortunately, my brother had a suggestion — law school. As I considered his idea, I realized that my degrees in philosophy and English literature could actually be very useful in the legal profession. After that, I took the LSAT, did well, went to law school, and have loved my work ever since.

Although I wasn’t sure which field of law I was going to practice when I finished school, it didn’t take me long to find my calling in employment law. I’ve always been inclined to see both sides of an argument, and that skill ended up becoming one of my greatest strengths as an employment law attorney. That intuition allows me to build a better defense for my own client while also helping both sides keep things in perspective. In fact, many clients have reached out to me years after I represented them to offer their thanks and update me on their lives. There is nothing more rewarding, to me, than seeing how my work has helped people move forward in that way.

A Community-Based Law Firm

When I founded the Law Offices Of Charles P. Boylston, I didn’t know exactly how the practice would develop over time, but I did know that I wanted us to become Southern California’s number one employment law practice. That may sound like a lofty goal, but let me first explain what being number one means to me.

The way I see it, being the best isn’t about statistics. It’s not about how many cases we take on or how much money we can charge our clients. It’s about the impact we make on our community. We want to consistently improve the way California does business — to make it better for employers and employees alike. That’s why we do a lot more than offer legal services at our firm. We also volunteer with local charities, constantly work to strengthen our ties with useful employment resources, and are even working on establishing a nonprofit program out of our office to help those trying to find work. Practicing law is our primary focus, and to be frank, it’s something we’re very good at. But our mission goes a lot deeper than that. We want the people of our community to know that we are their one-stop shop for employment resources.

Bar Admissions

  • California


  • Juris Doctor – Creighton School of Law, 1999
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & Philosophy – George Mason University, 1996

Practice Areas

  • Employer Consultation & Representation
  • Employee Consultation & Representation


Amber Jones,
Attorney At Law

When I was hired as an office assistant here at the Law Offices Of Charles P. Boylston, I was a junior in college with no particular interest in law. Really, I was just looking to support myself while I focused on finishing school. Before long, though, I realized how much I genuinely enjoyed the work and wanted to pursue the legal profession further. And so, in 2014, I enrolled in law school.

Over the course of the three years that followed, I continued working alongside Charles and Maggie, both of whom were very encouraging of my legal education. Unsurprisingly, I took on more and more responsibility at the firm as my knowledge of the law increased, and Charles was an excellent mentor throughout the entire process.

Focused on What Matters

I love my work because it gives me the opportunity to solve real problems for real people. Clients come to us when they’re in the midst of an unfamiliar, frustrating legal dispute, and we get to help turn their situation around. What makes us different, I think, is that we are just as effective and professional as high-dollar law firms, yet our approach is entirely different. Rather than trying to intimidate or confuse clients with a lot of big legal words, we simply sit down with them and have a straightforward conversation about their situation. It may not be what people expect from an office of legal professionals, but our commitment is to solving problems, not keeping up appearances.

Establishing Client Trust

In all my time working with Charles, I’ve always admired the level of comfort and reassurance he instills in each and every client who walks through our door. In fact, his human approach to law is a big part of why I decided to go to law school in the first place. I saw that attorneys can be much more than the intimidating, unyielding forces they are conveyed to be on television. Many of them are simply good people using their knowledge and skills to help others through tough situations. That’s the kind of lawyer I set out to be, and I’m proud to say that’s exactly the kind of lawyer I’ve become.

Of course, we can’t all have the natural charisma that Charles exudes on a daily basis, which is why my method of earning client trust is a little different than his. You see, even before I became an attorney, I loved reading, writing, and research. Today, those interests heavily influence the manner in which I prepare my work. I run through every piece of information available to me with a fine-toothed comb, break down the details of each case, and examine the possibilities from every angle. Because of my meticulous, structured approach, clients quickly see that I am not only thorough — I’m genuinely invested in finding the solution that’s right for them.

Bar Admissions

  • California

Practice Areas

  • Employer Consultation & Representation
  • Employee Consultation & Representation
  • Probate Law


Areas of Practice

Employer Consultation & Representation

Our firm has over fifteen years working with California employers. Our emphasis is training and prevention. When necessary, we pursue aggressive but practical defense strategies intended to reach the best resolution for your business.

California employers that want to become our clients also receive free training and access to our educational materials. Employers also are not required to maintain retainers outside of litigation and can use our office as essentially “in-house” counsel. Becoming our client just takes a phone call, and signing our General Business Retainer (no upfront fees!).

Employee Consultation & Representation

Our practice also includes representation of Employees against Employers. Although the representation of employers and employees is not common, it does provide our firm a unique vantage point, allowing us to better understand the current psychologies and concerns which often times drive litigation or prevent settlements.

If you believe you have been terminated or demoted unlawfully, denied proper wages, denied overtime, treated unfairly based on race, sex, age, national origin, disability, or any other reason that just seems wrong, we are happy to talk to you, to listen, and to provide honest, practical advice on moving forward with litigation, or moving on.

Probate Law

Our practice has grown recently and we now provide full representation for our clients in the preparation of estate planning documents. We have flat rates and lower hourly rates for simple wills and trusts. For more complicated matters we will work with you to determine a course of action that will provide confidence that your wishes will be followed. Our years of litigation experience allows us to be prepared to represent you in any probate matters that may arise.


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