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Your success depends on a well-developed plan, the pressure implemented in fulfilling the plan, and persevering through the challenges of the litigation process. The Perryman Law Firm will customize a strategy specific to your case, find the pressure points that give you the advantage, and walk with you through every step of the legal process.

Our Promises For Your Success

  • Professional Strategy
  • Focused Pressure
  • Perseverance

The Perryman Law Firm is committed to resolving all your legal concerns with a customized attack strategy and experienced execution. Whether you want to plan for your future, defend your fiduciary decisions, or assert your beneficial rights, the Perryman Law Firm is experienced to satisfy all your Trust, Estate or Probate needs.


Mark D. Perryman,
Attorney At Law

A highly recruited athlete, he received a full ride wrestling scholarship to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he was a a PAC-10 runner-up and NCAA qualifier. He transferred to Arizona State University, where he solidified his goal of becoming a PAC-10 wrestling champion and earned a top-eight ranking among all wrestlers in the country.

Litigation Style

His litigation style, competitive drive, and tenacity, mimic the same preparation, aggressive tactics, and perseverance that made him a successful top-tier athlete.

Mr. Perryman, a former partner and the lead trial counsel at Albertson & Davidson, LLP—one of California’s boutique trusts and estates trial firms—litigates for his clients with vigor and compassion, relentlessly striving to maximize the result.

Family Life

Mr. Perryman is also a dedicated husband and father. In his off time, he takes a relaxed approach to life, spending time with his wife and five kids. He volunteers his time to coaching wrestling for all ages and tries to positively influence everyone he meets.

Areas of Practice

Will & Trust Contests

If a Will or Trust accurately reflects a person’s true intentions, leave it alone.

But, what if you suspect the Will or Trust reflects someone else’s intentions? You have to make a decision to fight. This decision is not always easy because of the emotions and finances involved.

Beneficiary Abuse

Are you a beneficiary of a will or trust and not receiving your inheritance? If you are not aware, California law imposes strict fiduciary obligations on trustees and executors. As a fiduciary, trustees and executors are held to the highest standard of care in all of their actions.

If you are a beneficiary, the acting trustee or executor is legally obligated to act in your best interest, despite their personal feelings. Yet, some fiduciaries violate their duties because of their personal beliefs or ignorance of their legal obligations.

Elder Abuse

Our elders need protection from the predators who exploit their vulnerabilities for financial gain. Financial Elder Abuse occurs when a predator receives money or property through fraud or undue influence over an elder.

An elder is anyone 65 years or older, or a dependent adult. These elders are protected under California law. A predator can be any person or any entity.

Trust Accountings

A California fiduciary, whether acting as trustee, executor/administrator, or conservator, is required to account to the beneficiaries. Consequently, a fiduciary is vulnerable to beneficiary attacks if they fail to properly account.

If you are a Trustee, an accounting can be a shield you use to fulfill your legal obligations by sufficiently informing the beneficiaries about the trust and about your actions.


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