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About Us

Wallin & Klarich was established in 1981. Over the past 32 years our law firm has helped tens of thousands of families in their time of legal need. Regardless of whether our clients faced criminal or DUI charges, the loss of their driving privilege, or wanted to clean up their criminal record, we have been there to help them.

What Sets Us Apart

We care about you and your family.

Personal referrals are the heart of our business. After you retain us, you will understand why so many people place their trust in Wallin & Klarich.

Commitment To Our Clients

The moment you contact our firm we commit to:

  1. Treating you and your family with respect at all times.
  2. Keeping you and your family informed during your case.
  3. Returning your phone calls or emails within 24 hours. We have an attorney on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in case an urgent matter arises in your case.
  4. Working hard to achieve the best result possible in your case.

We Have Offices Near You

Regardless of where you live in Southern California, we can meet with you at any of our office locations. We have offices from Ventura to San Diego. In addition, we will not charge you for “travel time” because our offices are close to the courts where your case is pending. For a complete listing of all of our office locations, please click here.

We Know The Local Courts And Their Procedures

Our lawyers know the rules, judges, and prosecutors in all of the local courts. Because our attorneys are very familiar with the court where your case is pending, we are able to achieve the best possible result in your case. We are familiar with the programs that are available in every court, which may help you avoid jail time.

Reasonable Fees And Payment Plans

We realize that many of our clients do not have large sums of money to hire a lawyer. This is why we allow many of our clients to pay a down payment and make monthly payments with no interest.


Legal Team

Paul J. Wallin, Esq.,
Founding Partner

Paul Wallin is one of the most highly respected attorneys in Southern California. His vast experience, zealous advocacy for his clients and extensive knowledge of many areas of the law make Mr. Wallin a premiere Southern California attorney.

Mr. Wallin founded Wallin & Klarich in 1981. As the senior partner of Wallin & Klarich, Mr. Wallin has been successfully representing clients for more than 30 years. Clients come to him for help in matters involving assault and battery, drug crimes, juvenile crimes, theft, manslaughter, sex offenses, murder, violent crimes, misdemeanors and felonies. Mr. Wallin also helps clients with family law matters such as divorce and child custody.

How Paul Wallin Can Help You

“When someone is accused of a crime, it can seem like the end of the world. Most clients have so many questions about their case,” Mr. Wallin said. “At Wallin & Klarich, we answer all those questions. If you hire our firm, we will do everything in our power to get the best possible result in your case.”

Wallin & Klarich is built upon principles handed down by Mr. Wallin. Those principles include embracing every client as if they are a member of his own family and constantly communicating with each client so that they know every development in their case.

Mr. Wallin knows the legal process can be extremely difficult to navigate, especially when facing severe consequences. Not only does he work tirelessly to fight for our clients’ rights, he also works with our clients so that they can understand the process.


Title: Founding Partner
Serving Clients: Throughout All of Southern California
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes, Child Dependency, Theft Crimes, Assault and Battery, Misdemeanors, Felonies, Family Law


  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), B.A.
  • Pepperdine University School of Law, Juris Doctor
  • Graduated Cum Laude
  • Business Editor of the Law Review
  • Editor in Chief of “The Advocate” Law School News Publication


  • Past Chairman, Criminal Law Section of Orange County Bar Association
  • Past Delegate, California State Bar Convention
  • Presiding Fee Arbitrator for Orange County Bar Association

Member of:

  • The State Bar of California: #78485

Admitted to Practice in the Following Courts:

  • All California State Courts
  • United States District Court, Central District of California
  • United States District Court, Southern District of California
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit
  • California Supreme Court


Stephen D. Klarich, Esq.,
Founding Partner

Over the past 30 years, Wallin & Klarich Founding Partner Stephen Klarich has successfully defended thousands of persons accused of committing crimes.

Mr. Klarich has represented our clients facing criminal charges including but not limited to murder, manslaughter, rape, child molestation, conspiracy, drug offenses, domestic violence, juvenile matters, three strikes cases, robbery and burglary. For more than a decade, Mr. Klarich has focused on post-conviction matters such as writs, appeals and having our clients removed from the sex offender registry.

How Stephen Klarich Can Help You

With unparalleled knowledge in sex crimes defense, Mr. Klarich is a leading attorney in Southern California for clients who want to remove their name from the Megan’s Law website or end their lifetime obligation to register as a sex offender. Mr. Klarich has experienced significant success in obtaining a Certificate of Rehabilitation or Governor’s Pardon for his clients.

“I became a criminal defense attorney because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and serve others,” Mr. Klarich said. “Wallin & Klarich provides the legal and emotional support our clients need to get through a very difficult situation.”

Why You Should Hire Stephen Klarich

Mr. Klarich understands the difficulties that our clients are going through when they are facing the complex legal process. That is why he treats every client as if they are a member of his own family.

When he is not aggressively fighting for his own clients’ rights, Mr. Klarich is providing his extensive knowledge to other Wallin & Klarich attorneys. He often assists our Wallin & Klarich attorneys to ensure our clients get the best possible outcome in their case.

“Steve is a pit-bull in and out of the courtroom. He knows the law like the back of his hand and he is as aggressive as any lawyer you could ever hope to find,” Attorney Paul Wallin said. “Steve is the guy I would hire if I found myself charged in a criminal case.”


Title: Founding Partner
Serving Clients In: Throughout All of Southern California
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, DUI, Juvenile Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes, Appeals, Certificates of Rehabilitation, Governor’s Pardons, Child Dependency, Family Law


  • Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU), Madison, NJ, B.A.
  • Western State University College of Law, Juris Doctor


  • Past Chairman, Criminal Law Section of Orange County Bar Association
  • Past Director of the Newport Harbor Bar Association
  • Selected by Judges in Harbor Orange County Justice Center to Act as Conflict Panel Attorney

Member of:

  • The State Bar of California: #100728
  • American Bar Association
  • Orange County Bar Association
  • Western San Bernardino County Bar Association
  • California Teacher’s Association Staff Attorney

Admitted to Practice in the Following Courts:

  • All California State Courts
  • United States District Court – Central District of California


Matthew B. Wallin, Esq.,

Matthew B. Wallin is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney at Wallin & Klarich. He approaches each case as an opportunity to help an individual at a time when they need it most and understands that he is the one they have turned to for help.

Mr. Wallin has represented hundreds of our clients in cases involving DUI and DMV hearings, domestic violence, assault and battery, drug crimes, misdemeanors and serious felonies. With extensive experience handling DUI cases, Mr. Wallin is one of the premiere DUI defense attorney in Southern California.

Let Matt Wallin Make the Difference in Your Case

“I passionately believe that every client, no matter what he or she has been accused of doing, is a fellow human being who is deserving of compassion and zealous advocacy,” Mr. Wallin said. “In addition, I understand that a criminal conviction can have far-reaching ramifications to my clients and their families.”

Mr. Wallin works relentlessly for each one of his clients because he knows that their life can change forever if they are convicted of a crime. That is why he provides them with diligent representation.

“Matt Wallin is an excellent advocate who possesses an extraordinary grasp of criminal law,” Wallin & Klarich Partner Stephen Klarich said. “He cares about his clients and he is very aggressive in defending them. Anyone accused of a criminal offense would be fortunate to have Matt Wallin as their lawyer.”

Contact Matt Wallin Today

Our clients come to Mr. Wallin due to his meticulous attitude and aggressive advocacy. Clients recognize that Mr. Wallin will do anything in his power to achieve the best possible outcome in their case. His tireless efforts and knowledge of the legal process make clients feel comfortable with his abilities as an attorney.


Title: Partner
Serving Clients: Orange County, Los Angeles County, Inland Empire
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Felonies, School Expulsions, Sex Crimes, DUI Defense, DMV hearings, Theft Crimes, Drug Crimes, Domestic Violence, Assault & Battery, Weapons Charges, Misdemeanors


  • University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), B.A. Law and Society
  • Chapman University School of Law, Juris Doctor

Member of:

  • The State Bar of California: #258055
  • Orange County Bar Association
  • Client Relations Committee
  • Administration of Justice Committee

Admitted to Practice in the Following Courts:

All California State Courts
Federal District Court – Los Angeles County and Orange County


Areas of Practice

Assault and Battery
Certificates of Rehabilitation
Child Dependency
Criminal Defense
Family Law
Governor’s Pardons
Juvenile Criminal Defense
Sex Crimes
Theft Crimes


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